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Over 2500 students have already left our properties as graduates!

Being an off-campus student is a pleasant but complex situation; there are many tasks that the management of a home requires and that would take precious time away from studying. The Cooperative was founded to simplify things. 
Assuming that housing stability is a fundamental element for a strong academic career of every student, in 2005 the ideas and energies of a group of recent graduates and former off-campus students launched a new way to look at things and the Cooperativa Archiginnasio was born. 
Founded in Bologna in 2007 with the aim of making room rental in Bologna safer and more accessible, today the company is also present in Milan.


General Secretary

The secretarial offices carefully manage all administrative aspects, oversee the drafting and registration of contracts and possible transfers of utilities. If necessary, they support students to resolve any administrative difficulties during their stay in the city.

Maintenance Area

The maintenance department is responsible for following every house and every tenant with respect to the state of maintenance of the rooms and properties in general.


Timely interventions guarantee the tenants the constant usability of the building.

Each tenant can enjoy the free service for everything related to the ordinary maintenance of the property, furnishings and the supplied appliances.

General direction

The board of directors is responsible for ensuring the good performance of each area of the company by following every single step in detail and giving importance to the needs of each owner, tenant and employee.

Acquisition of properties

he company is in continuous and constant growth, every year we increase our property portfolio by acquiring new ones.

We are looking for furnished or unfurnished homes

in Bologna:

in Milan:

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